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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Life insurance considered a tax efficient investment?

Permanent life insurance provides a tax-free death benefit payment to your beneficiaries. In addition, permanent life insurance policies allow account values to grow on a tax-advantaged basis — earnings are exempt from income tax while the investments remain in the policy.

How is life insurance used as an estate planning tool?

Life insurance provides money for your family when they need it most. When you pass away, various expenses will need to be paid, including funeral expenses, estate administration expenses, any taxes that may result from the “deemed disposition” of your capital assets, and any taxes that may result from balances in your RRSP or registered retirement income fund. 

Your family will also need to pay off outstanding debts, such as a mortgage or line of credit. Life insurance helps to ensure that your family won’t need to sell other assets to pay for these expenses.

Some policies will also offer you a guaranteed estate value payout. This can then reduce some of the risk you are taking with your current investments, as you can have peace of mind knowing that your estate plan has been solidified.

What Is Key Person Life Insurance?

Key person life insurance is protection a business owner can purchase on key employees to cover premature death. A key employee is a valuable asset to a company because he/she holds a special talent or skill that is hard to replace. For instance, if you own a tech company and have a highly skilled developer whose death would essentially cause your business to diminish overnight, you may consider key person life insurance.